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Stronger lamps if protected by VOC and EOS
16 June 2017 Niteko

Stronger lamps if protected by VOC and EOS

The LED is an extremely robust light source when properly used and adequately protected.

In particular, it is highly affected by electric overstresses and the action of some chemical volatile organic compounds (VOCs), very common in outdoor contexts such as in the case of street lighting.

Electric overstresses causes a significant decrease in the lifespan of the LED sources, compromising one of the main qualities of the lighting fixtures. In order to guarantee high quality and durable products, Niteko has studied an exclusive protection system against electric overstresses (the so-called Advanced EOS Protection System) which ensures additional protection to the LEDs.

The VOC action, on the other hand, reduces the luminous efficiency. Thus, the company’s engineers have worked in order to ensure that the lighting fixtures are 100% VOC-free.

The combination of these technologies allows Niteko to be the world’s first manufacturer able to offer a limited lifetime warranty for its entire range of products.




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