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R&D Division

The R&D Department is one of the most important ones in NITEKO.

The technicians created the first LED street lighting application in 2004, resulting in the scientific article “Led based public lighting system reliability for a reduced impact on environment and energy consumption” presented at the IEEE SSD 2006 International Conference in Hammamet (Tunisia) by Giuseppe Vendramin, Alessandro Deodati and Emiliano Petrachi.
Within this department, our designers and engineers continually work on the research and experimentation of new, technologically advanced and quality controlled products.

They boast an innovative design and are in conformity with the norms related to light pollution. A dynamic organization, made up of highly qualified and trained personnel, offers constant monitoring of quality products and works on the experimentation of new technologies.

Our vision is constantly evolving and our team of experts continues their training path in order to build upon the acquired skills, in line with the technological developments.


Business Certification

In 2012 Niteko obtained and still holds the ISO9001:2008 Certification (Quality Management System) with the authority Rina SpA.
RINA adheres to the international agreement IQNet, which represents the largest international network of certification authorities. Niteko obtained in 2015 the ISO14001: 2004 Certification (Environmental Management System) with the Dasa-Rägister SpA authority.

Product Certification (Urano)

The Urano floodlight is certified with the brand TÜV SÜD, authority present in more than 60 countries and 800 locations around the world. The brand guarantees Urano conformity to the Safety and EMC regulations. In particular:
EN 60598-2-3: 2003 + A1: 2011 / EN 60598-1: 2008 + A11: 2009 / EN 62493: 2010.

Product Certification (Guida)

The street lighting fixture Guida has the CE Marking, obtained from the certification authority Nemko SpA, which is represented in more than 20 locations and 12 countries. The certification guarantees Guida conformity to the Safety regulations (60598-2-3), Electromagnetic Compatibility and Photobiological Safety.