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Sport Facilities

Sport facilities

The lighting required for sports facilities is bound by precise requirements related to the current regulations and the needs of the users and the surrounding environment. Providing proper lighting with a high level of comfort is necessary to improve the gaming experience and the visibility of the sporting event by the spectators. Lighting design is a fundamental element in the genesis of a sports facility or technology upgrade.



Suitable for stadiums and
sports arenas

High modularity, up to 1200W

Optical efficiency greater
than 85%


Ideal for amateur and professional indoor and outdoor playgrounds

Power up to 300W

Available with 13 different
photometric curves


Ideal for five-a-side soccer fields, basketball, volleyball, amateur tennis courts

Light and compact, up to 150W of power

Integrated adjustable bracket for ceiling, wall or pole mounting

Thanks to Niteko’s high specialization, it is possible to combine accurate and professional design with high-quality equipment to meet the lighting requirements of both large and small sports facilities, ensuring the visual comfort of players and spectators and avoiding creating glare phenomena in full compliance with regulations.

In addition, the effectiveness of the Niteko lighting fixtures allows to reduce light pollution, while high efficiency reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs.

> Reliability and long service life

> Light uniformity

> Reduction of maintenance costs

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