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Industrial lighting

Industrial LED lighting

Industrial environments such as warehouses, production facilities and plants need robust and reliable solutions to ensure high productivity and visual comfort. In order to do this, high energy consumption and operating costs are often required.

Therefore, the use of proper lighting design and energy efficient lighting solutions is essential to reduce costs and increase productivity.


> Installation height up to 12 m

> Suitable for industrial plants with corrosive atmosphere

> Available with 13 different photometric curves


> Installation height up to 50 m

> High modularity, up to 1200W

> Optical efficiency greater than 85%

For industrial applications Niteko has designed highly resistant materials that can withstand intense vibrations and high temperatures in production environments, still ensuring excellent performance and long service life.

Niteko offers ultra-high efficiency LED lighting systems to guarantee a reduction of energy consumption up to 58%.

> Guaranteed for life

> Light quality

> Wide availability of mounting accessories

Urano and Multiplo installations