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Look at the street under a different light

ICONA XS - S - L : 3 dimensions for each need

Performance and efficiency:

Thanks to the use of high efficiency multichip LEDs combined with performing secondary optics to ensure the best lighting and power needs on street lighting.

Protection and safety:

An innovative electronic protection system, Advanced EOS Protection System (Niteko’s exclusive patent) to ensure maximum reliability over time and drastically reduce the failure rate.

Fast management and comfort:

Possibility of integration with several remote control systems for smart cities available on the market to improve public lighting management and reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.



Technical data sheet

Icona technical data sheet

Photometric files

Photometric files Icona

Technical drawings

• Technical drawings

Technical features


15W/195 W


Classe II

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:


Impact Resistance (IK) Rating:

IK 09

Colour Temperature:


Service life:

100.000 hours



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