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Technology and patents


Niteko LED lighting fixtures boast a failure rate of less than the annual 0.2% thanks to the exclusive proprietary system of protection against electrical overstress (Advanced EOS Protection System)…



Thanks to several chemical tests carried out on the lamp components, it was possible to identify materials compatible with LEDs that do not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), considered to be one of the main causes of performance decline and light colour stability. All Niteko products are 100% “VOC FREE“.


“We are so sure of what we do that
we guarantee our products for a lifetime”

We have chosen to design power LED lighting fixtures by focusing on reliability and quality. Niteko’s quality is the result of the perfect management of different stages of product development: from design to production, to sale and post-sales service of each device.
This commitment, together with the continuous investment in innovation, allows us to guarantee the total reliability of our lamps over time.