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How to read the warranty of LED lamps
25 May 2017 Niteko

How to read the warranty of LED lamps

The service life of the LEDs depends on a number of factors, in particular the materials they are built with. Mid power LEDs, for example, are made of plastic materials and last less than high power LEDs, made of ceramic based materials. It’s easier said than done: the latter group guarantees efficiency even at higher junction temperatures, as well as being made of more valuable and long-lasting materials over time.

Comparing the high power LEDs warranty with the one offered with mid power LEDs can be more difficult than expected. It is important to focus on the parameter L80B50 which tells us that the warranty duration is extended to fifty percent of the LEDs. If the parameter is L80B20, the warranty covers seventy percent of the lamps. The mid power LEDs are guaranteed for 50.000 hours of operation, while the period doubles for those high power which are usually mounted by Niteko. That’s why our company can offer a ten-year warranty on installed products.


Giuseppe Vendramin: Tecnnical Director


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