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Adaptive lighting – The right lighting when it works and where it works
19 June 2017 Niteko

Adaptive lighting

The right lighting when it works and where it works.

This may well be the best answer to the question “What is adaptive lighting?”

Eng. Mirella Guerra

Mirella Guerra, engineer and lighting consultant, explains the recent changes in lighting regulations: “Until now, whoever was in charge of lighting management focused primarily on energy saving. It’s around this premise that the public lighting policy in Italy took shape in recent years”. Adaptive lighting has become reality thanks to the potentiality of LED lighting fixtures: “As a designer, before the change of the regulations, I was used to having the opportunity to drop up to two lighting classes, mainly basing my decisions on traffic patterns. When I assumed there was a time when traffic fell below 50%, I could consequently drop a lighting class, with the obvious exception of areas of conflict, crime presence rather than special characteristics to a particular street and so on. The lighting class variation can be instantaneous.” It is not just a matter of equipment: in order for a city to take advantage of an adaptive public lighting system, it must also have an infrastructure capable of governing light fluxes in real time. It needs to take active steps towards becoming ‘smarter.’

Article based on the talk by Eng. Mirella Guerra at the Seminar ‘Smart City e Centri Storici’’ of April 3th 2017 in Taranto.

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