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Urban lighting

Each city has its own history, charm and artistic value to preserve. However, such peculiarities must coexist with increasingly demanding citizens and growing needs over time. One of the latest challenges in urban areas is the need to provide lighting considering the real needs of people, still reducing environmental pollution and waste of energy. In this regard, the advanced lighting technologies enable each urban center to become a Smart City and, at the same time, protect its traditional spirit.


> Universal with 4 different mounting types
> Modern design


> Classic design with LED technology
> Excellent price / performance ratio


> Respect for the environment
> Quality and efficiency

The Niteko lighting fixtures harmoniously bind the traditional urban image and an innovative product technology that ensures a long service life and low maintenance costs, while preserving an aesthetic both pleasant and versatile.

The devices are also compatible with all the major control systems that meet the primary need of most of modern Smart Cities, which is optimal, economical and integrated management.

> Efficiency with aesthetic taste

> Versatility and energy saving

> High performance features

Urban lighting installations