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Street lighting

The optimal lighting of urban, extra-urban and highways is an essential and common interest principle, as it allows to reduce the risk of accidents due to poor visibility or dazzling, increasing the visual comfort and well-being of everybody.

Functional lighting design, punctually and intelligently designed, allows one to increase protection levels of users while maintaining low power consumption and maintenance costs.

Guida XS

Guida S

Guida M

> Performing and efficient

> It can be integrated with Smart City systems

> Available with NEMA socket interface

Niteko’s lighting systems are specially designed to meet current safety requirements, excellent visibility and low light pollution. The lighting fixtures can be integrated with remote control systems that further reduce power consumption by optimizing installation costs.

In addition, the exclusive Advanced EOS Protection System patented for electrical stress protection gives them maximum resistance and reliability over time. This makes Niteko the world’s first manufacturer to introduce lifetime warranty for all its product line.

Guida street lighting installations