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Town of Castellaneta (TA).

Installed products: Guida S and Urban Kits

Town of Castellaneta (TA). Installed products: Guida S and Urban Kit.

With 2400 GUIDA S street lighting fixtures, the Municipality of Castellaneta (TA) responds to the issues of environmental sustainability and light pollution by choosing LED technology with an essential design that perfectly match the architecture of the place, enhancing its appearance and completely respecting the urban design of the area.

Moreover, the local administration, aware of the advantages of LED technology but extremely respectful of the territory, wanted to preserve the historical and cultural value of existing luminaires by choosing 1140 URBAN KITs. With their relamping technology, these devices represent the perfect union between innovation and tradition.

Thanks to SMART control technologies installed on the devices – from point-to-point remote control with conveyed wave technology to the centralized flux regulator in voltage control, and to automatic power control – an efficient but also intelligent intervention has been successfully performed.

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