Urban Kit.
Technology meets tradition.

Urban Kit.
Large Areas lighting: Menga Petroli | Petrol Station (Apulia).




URBAN KIT: Relamping LED kit

Modernization of existing products:

The retrofit kit is the simplest and most immediate solution to enjoy the benefits of the LED technology without replacing the already mounted devices. Thanks to a simple installation, it allows to reach a high performance, uniform lighting solution while still ensuring considerable energy savings.

Quality and efficiency:

The high quality of the optical unit and the use of highly efficient multichip LEDs ensure excellent performance improvement in replacing light points with traditional sources.


The Urban Kit is an eco-friendly product since it is made of recyclable materials, free of chemical components (VOCs), easily disassembled, disposable and recyclable.

Technical features

Power:25W/75 W
Class:Classe II
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:IP66
Impact Resistance (IK) Rating:IK 08
Colour Temperature:3000K/4000K/5000K
Service life:100.000 hours

2017 Niteko Catalogue

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