Look at the street under a different light

Guida S
The lighting of the Apulian cable stayed bridge




GUIDA XS - S - M : 3 dimensions for each need

Performance and efficiency:

Thanks to the use of high efficiency multichip LEDs combined with performing secondary optics to ensure the best lighting and power needs on street lighting.

Protection and safety:

An innovative electronic protection system, Advanced EOS Protection System (Niteko’s exclusive patent) to ensure maximum reliability over time and drastically reduce the failure rate.

Fast management and comfort:

Possibility of integration with several remote control systems for smart cities available on the market to improve public lighting management and reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Technical features

Power:15W/150 W
Class:Classe II
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:IP66
Impact Resistance (IK) Rating:IK 08
Colour Temperature:3000K/4000K/5000K
Service life:100.000 hours

2017 Niteko Catalogue

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