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Pedestrian crossing lighting in Brno. Czech Republic

Pedestrian crossing lighting.

Brno. Czech Republic

Illuminating pedestrian crossings is not just guaranteeing optimal light levels, but also ensuring safety and building confidence in pedestrians that are about to cross the road. There needs to be the correct amount of light in order to make passers-by immediately visible, without glaring drivers.

Niteko offered the optimal LED lighting solution to illuminate the pedestrian crossing of BRNO city by following standards of reference. Thanks to the ability of designing customised lamps and to the collaboration with Jipol s.r.o partner, an optimal lighting system has been proposed in order to guarantee the correct level of vertical lighting required by the standard while ensuring an adequate level of safety. Moreover, the use of a secondary optics specially designed for the purpose, made it possible to use lighting fixtures with a lower power thanks to a 60% higher efficiency compared to competitors’ solutions.

ClientComune di Brno


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