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Motorway ring road in Brno, Czech Republic

Products: Guida S


Lighting of D52 motorway ring road – rest and parking area for heavy vehicles


Street lighting


Brno, Czech Republic


Guida S lighting fixtures

Motorway ring road in Brno, Czech Republic

Capital of the South Moravian region, Brno is the second largest city in terms of importance and number of inhabitants in the Czech Republic. It is a charming town rich in history and distinctive for its youthful character, home to an emerging university centre.

The city of Brno boasts a thousand years of existence and, thanks to the underdeveloped tourism and its historical-artistic richness, the most adventurous tourist in search for less “mass” destinations, could find himself making an equally interesting trip without the disadvantage of exorbitant prices or crowding of the most popular cities.

The Czech Republic boasts a highly developed motorway and railway network, which efficiently connects it to the various neighbouring states. A crossroads of major motorways branches off from the city of Brno, such as the D52 that goes all the way to Vienna, Austria.


Niteko solution

Heavy vehicles are the users par excellence of the motorway networks. Niteko designed a perfect lighting system for the rest and parking area near the D52 ring road, plus every stretch of motorway entrance that leads from the city streets to the D52.

The main objective was to create a well-lit parking area that would give truck drivers a chance to rest safely along the motorway area.

The area was illuminated with Guida S lighting fixtures with different power (15-60W) so to provide lighting that responds to the conformation of the affected area. The Niteko Guida S products – Niteko flagship for lighting urban and extra-urban streets – are ideal for installations up to 12m from the ground. In fact, they guarantee high energy savings and a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

Equipped with a Zhaga connector, Guida S lighting fixtures were perfectly integrated with the remote control system already used by the customer, without requiring any other adaptation. In fact, Niteko products are 100% compatible with all remote control systems on the market.


The result was a customized installation based on the customer’s needs: thanks to Niteko’s particular attention onto the customization of the products, the tailoring work for each client combined with reliability and proven experience gained in the street lighting sector make the collaboration with Niteko widely satisfactory in terms of relationships and the success of the project.




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