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Lighting retrofit. Historic centre of Matera

Products: Urban Kit


LED retrofit on traditional luminaires


Urban lighting


Matera (Italy)


Urban Kit

Lighting retrofit. Historic centre of Matera

A city looking at the past, never forgetting the future.

This is the charming town of Matera, first European Capital of Culture of southern Italy, able to organize its resources and to combine ancient elements with modern vitality.

The so-called “city of Stones”, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, chose Niteko for adapting its traditional luminaires with modern LED technology. In fact, Niteko Urban Kit is adaptable to any traditional luminaire with traditional lighting, making it possible to give new life – and in a short time – to any lantern with historic-cultural value.

Niteko solution 

Through a LED relamping project, 45 discharge lamps with 100W power were replaced with just as many 45W Urban Kits, 3,000 K colour temperature and luminous flux of 6,000 lm.

The Urban Kits installed within the traditional luminaires of Matera are characterized by an IP66 degree of protection. Niteko engineering team did an accurate mechanical evaluation, considering the feasibility of the procedure and checking the compatibility of traditional devices with the new LED system.

The whole project guaranteed power savings close to 60%, thanks also to 30% automatic power reduction after midnight.

Niteko luminaires illuminating the fascinating outline of the European Capital of Culture 2019 include the best of both tradition and modernity, because they represent the care of Niteko for every single detail, always looking to the future and never forgetting to give the correct value to both past and environment.


Advantages of LED relamping

• Lower environmental impact thanks to the reuse of traditional luminaires
• High energy savings
• Reduction of maintenance costs
• Greater visual comfort and higher safety levels

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