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Urban lighting. Historic centre of Taranto

Products: Zenith


Lighting of a historic centre


Urban lighting




Zenith luminaires

Urban lighting. Historic centre of Taranto

The church of San Domenico Maggiore in Taranto – the so-called city of two seas – is an ancient complex laying its foundations on a Greek temple of the archaic era, which is the backdrop to an urban lighting project by Niteko for the historic centre of this province in Apulia.

Niteko solution

For this urban lighting project, Niteko used Zenith luminaires, whose classic and elegant design gives value to all those environments of great historic and artistic value, such as the one characterizing the city of Taranto.

To illuminate the road in front of the church, Niteko provided Zenith luminaires with 4,000 K colour temperature and CRI>70.

The past takes on a new light with the Zenith series of luminaires. In fact, they were designed to give value to typical alleys of historic centres and to preserve the traditional charm of traditional lanterns taking all the advantage of today’s LED lighting.



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