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Town of Guagnano - Apulia - Italy

Product: GUIDA

1352 Guida lighting fixtures installed in the town

Guagnano, a town of only 5925 inhabitants in the Province of Lecce has proven to keep up with the process of sustainability in terms of public lighting by investing in an ambitious urban renewal project.

Thanks to the use of highly efficient multichip LEDs in combination with secondary high-performance optics, the 1352 Guida lighting fixtures installed in the town perfectly respond to the lighting requirements of power in street lighting, thus providing greater safety to citizens and still mantaining a low environmental impact.

Guida is the ideal product for public administrations who want to invest in quality and long life as well as energy saving.

In fact, each lamp has been equipped with an independent luminous flux regulator module PRG integrated. It allows the control and reduction of the luminous flux of the lamp from 10% to 100% of the maximum value without the use of dedicated cables.

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ClientComune di Guagnano (LE)