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Town of Anzio (ROMA).

Installed product: GUIDA

The project envisaged the installation of 303 Guida S

Among the initiatives of urban redevelopment, the municipality of Anzio has invested mainly in the LED lighting of some important areas of the cities, including: Mencacci Avenue connecting Anzio to Nettuno, Paolini Avenue which goes from the train station to the center and Porto Neroniano street between the city center and the seaside. The replacement of the previous light points installed with a new LED lighting system aims to ensure greater energy efficiency, better performance and shading, providing citizens with the right visual comfort of urban areas. The project envisaged the installation of 303 Guida S, ultra-efficient LED street lighting fixtures with a compact and pleasing design in full respect for the surrounding environment. Specifically, the Guida is equipped with an electrical protection system called Advanced EOS Protection System, which allows  to have the lowest failure rate across the industry, ensuring maximum reliability and durability.

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ClientComune di Anzio (ROMA)