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Cable-stayed Bridge, Bari.

Installed products: GUIDA / URANO

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Cable-stayed Bridge, Bari. Installed products: GUIDA / URANO

Our lamps have been used both to illuminate the bridge track and to light the street below. 70 Guida of Eleva series, in pairs, trace the contour of the arch bridge of Bari, illuminating the light curve that represents the new road of the Apulian capital. The pairs of lamps have the technology to be remotely controlled, a feature that increases their sustainability in terms of consumption but above all environmental.

The seventy eight 134W LED street lighting fixtures of the Guida series allow a power reduction of more than 10kW to allow energy savings of over 50,000 kWh per year, equivalent to about ten thousand euros. Considering that all road vehicles are remotely controlled, one can reduce the power of the lamps, thus increasing the savings. If expecting a power reduction, the annual saving would be 62,000 kWh.

The 30 LED floodlights of the Urano series, on the other hand, allow a power cut of more than 3 kW compared to traditional technology, allowing for energy savings of more than 14,000 kWh per year, equivalent to about three thousand euros.

Niteko is very attentive to the impact of its products on the environment: not only does LED light save energy and resources, but the use of fully recyclable materials makes its technology totally ecologically sustainable.

Finally, choosing our products has been determined not only by the need to reduce light pollution on new plants imposed by current legislation, but above all by their particular design, which is well connected with the modern architecture of the bridge, enhancing its appearance but without being overly present.

We are proud of having contributed with our lamps, designed and made in Apulia, to illuminate the cable-stayed bridge of Bari.

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