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Urban park lighting, Czech Republic

Products: Guida S, Venere F, Venere P

Energy redevelopment of Palackého Square

Urban lighting


Brno Řečkovice, Czech Republic

Guida S  |  Venere F Venere T

Functionality, saving and luminous efficiency. Lighting of an urban park in Czech Republic

You can breathe air of history and nature in the colourful city of Brno, in the Czech Republic. With its discreet beauty and richness in green spaces, the capital of the Moravian region offers corners of magical well-being and unexpected elegance.

In the district of Brno Řečkovice, Niteko company worked on the lighting of Palackého Square, a meeting point for the whole city. The favorable position – thanks to its park and to the strategic proximity to both the church and town hall – makes it a very popular place.

The town council wanted to renovate the area to make it more efficient, by relying on the project of the Garden and Landscape Architecture Atelier by architects Zdenek Sendler and Lýdie Šušlíková.

Lighting goals

The task was relatively complex, since the space to renovate was small, while the objectives were multiple.

It was necessary to create:

  • An area for rest and recreation, with a park for children and benches for adults
  • Green spaces to tie it to the recreation area
  • A parking lot , a highly necessary element

The goal to be achieved was to combine beauty, free time and practicality, in order to give citizens an area functional to their needs.

Niteko solution

In collaboration with our partner Jipol, Niteko team played an important role in harmonizing the three purposes, by providing the most suitable LED lighting fixtures.

Palackého Square is now illuminated by Guida S lighting fixtures, and Venere F and Venere P luminaires, which are ready for remote control via NEMA socket.

For the leisure area in Palackého Square,  15W Venere F luminaires were used, which are ideal for lighting parks, avenues and squares. The children of Brno Řečkovice can now play until the evening surrounded by the light of Niteko LED lighting fixtures, while the adults can rest on the cobalt blue benches illuminated by the modern and elegant Venere F.



The 59W Guida S, here head-pole mounted, merge between the trees that border St. Lawrence’s Church.

Ideal for installations up to 12m from the ground, they ensure high-energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.


15W Venere P LED luminaires, ideal for lighting parking lots, residential streets, cycle lanes and paths, are installed along the parking area.

All Niteko products have both chemical protection (VOCs free) and exclusive EOS Protection System, so that – whatever the goal is – we can achieve it together in complete safety and with high efficiency.


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