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Power and lightness.

Multiplo illuminates an indoor soccer field in Great Britain

Multiplo illuminates an indoor soccer field in Great Britain.

Ensuring the proper lighting for sports facilities is an important commitment that Niteko takes on with responsibility and passion.
Our company has recently been chosen to provide lighting for an indoor soccer field in Great Britain. In this case, the challenge consisted in ensuring the proper lighting for a very large area that needed very high power, still guaranteeing a light infrastructure. In order to meet these needs, our designers proposed to install Multiplo, among the most powerful LED floodlights on the market so far. It has been designed in order to be powerfully limitless, thanks to its exclusive patented modular system. “Lightness and power: these are the characteristics of our lighting fixtures, which we have developed to meet the necessities of customers who need to illuminate non-standard spaces and cannot weigh down their structures.

Multiplo, unlike other floodlights, is equipped with an innovative hooking system that allows to lighten the structure and install the power supplies in each module without reducing their space. With the same power, the Niteko Multiplo floodlight weighs less” concludes Alessandro Deodati, responsible of the R&D Department of Niteko.

That being so, Multiplo was chosen to illuminate particular sports facilities like the one in Great Britain, where fourteen floodlights have been installed for a total of 312 modules resulting in a 5.6 kw super Multiplo.



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