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Sports lighting. Sports arena of Conversano, Bari

Products: Nettuno S, M, L floodlights


Substitution of the ordinary lighting system of playing field and stands with LED dimmable floodlights


Sports lighting


Conversano (province of Bari)


S, M, L Nettuno floodlights

Sports lighting. Sports arena of Conversano, Bari

The first sports arena of Conversano, called Pala San Giacomo (4,000 seats), was opened in 1997 to host the handball competition of the Mediterranean Games. Conversano, in the province of Bari, is very proud of its men’s handball team, the most successful Italian team after Trieste.

The heart of the arena is as green as its t-shirts, and Niteko company contributed to make its color even more vibrant, by providing its playfield and stands with a new lighting system.

Niteko solution

The town of Conversano needed to light this area to host international sports activities with television shootings.

For this purpose, Niteko provided 64 Nettuno floodlights:

Their color rendering index (CRI>90) ensures excellent lighting quality and clear HD shootings.

Nettuno floodlights guarantee high performances, and have an optical compartment separated from the power supply one, where an asymmetric street optic with high precision collimators facilitates the light beam concentration.

For greater safety,  floodlights were provided with a fall-arrest cable that avoids the fall of the brackets and the fall of floodlights from the beams.

National and international championships are unique events for fans, but they are not so frequent. Therefore, floodlights are all dimmable, so as to reduce waste, ensure energy savings, and customize lighting according to the level of the sporting event.

  • Amateur activities/training: 40% of the power
  • Provincial or regional competitive sport activities: 70% of the power
  • National or international competitive sport activities: 90% of the power

The sports arena of Conversano makes its citizens very proud. Now their smiles – neatly arranged along the sides of the imposing structure – can all shine with Niteko light.




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