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Zhaga D4i certification for Niteko fixtures

Zhaga D4i certification for Niteko fixtures
10 July 2023 Niteko

Lamps have a key role in a Smart City, since they ensure optimal lighting and remote control functions. Hence, the turning point of using interoperable lighting fixtures regardless of the manufacturer for the outdoor lighting sector.

An ecosystem of compatible products

Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program from the Zhaga Consortium and the DALI Alliance (DiiA), a remarkable certification for the smart lighting sector because it defines a series of technical specifications (known as Book) allowing the interoperability of communication nodes and luminaires of different suppliers, by establishing a standardised system of compatible products, ready for the future.

Zhaga D4i Book 18

Niteko offers Zhaga D4i Book 18 certified products, which allows defining mechanical interfaces and specifying power and communication aspects so as to create an interoperable system of outdoor lighting fixtures and sensing/ communication modules, by meeting the needs of the lighting market for hybrid fixtures equipped with both Zhaga connector and ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle.

Which are the advantages of a Zhaga D4i Book 18 certified product?

  • Plug-and-play interoperability
  • Any certified node can operate with any certified luminaire
  • Customer has no longer any kind of limitations
  • Added value for everyone: luminaires, installers and customers

Niteko lighting fixtures Zhaga D4i certified:

Icona series.
Street lighting

Guida series.
Street lighting

Coming soon

Venere series.
Urban luminaires

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