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Cycling lane Taranto Viale Magna Grecia

Product: URANO

Among the initiatives undertaken by the municipal administration of Taranto for the urban renewal project, the construction of the cycling lane on the section Viale Magna Grecia is particularly important.

This project confirms the city’s attention for citizens and foresees the construction of benches, sidewalks and cycling lanes, positively impacting the practicability of the route.

An integral part of this project consists of the public lighting system that features 157 Urano floodlights, highly reliable LED lamps and resistant to different weather conditions.

Thanks to the protective valve and the GORE protective Vents, the Urano floodlight is protected by liquids, dust and by condensation phenomena. In addition, the valve allows a rapid regulation of the pressure within the device.

Thanks to this project, the road is now under a new, efficient, uniform and safe light.

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