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Case study Žlutice

Lighting modernization along the M5 motorway and adjacent infrastructures
23 September 2021 Niteko

Street lighting

Žlutice, Czech Republic

200 Guida lighting fixtures
—Guida XS (30W)
—Guida S (60W)

Lighting modernization along the M5 motorway and adjacent infrastructures

The town of Žlutice, located on a slope above the valley of the picturesque Střela River, is rich in cultural and historical monuments. It has been the protagonist of our lighting modernization project commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic, which subsidized 50% of the total cost.

The aim of the project was to guarantee the city 50% of energy savings, maintain the original distance of 35-40m among the poles along the M5 motorway, and reduce light pollution and the consequent negative impact on the environment and the adjacent infrastructures.

The Czech Republic is a nation rich in wild landscapes and woods, very attentive to respect for nature and the use of cutting-edge lighting systems.

Thanks to our solution, we were able to comply with all the requirements and to guarantee energy savings even higher than what the Czech municipality hoped for, ie 60%.


Efficient and uniform lighting

The use of customized optics on our Guida XS and S allowed us to create a lighting system that did not exceed 7.12 kW, so ensuring efficient and uniform lighting along the entire roadway. Respecting the adjacent infrastructures and nature, we have supplied lighting fixtures with a color temperature of 2,200K – a warm light that is not harmful to the human eye and fauna – so reducing light pollution and the negative impact on the health of the residents.

Thanks to the CLO (Constant Lumen Output) function of our products, the luminous flux remains constant throughout their useful life, guaranteeing efficiency and low maintenance costs.
The high color rendering index (CRI>70) – which maintains natural and undistorted colors – guarantees safety for all road users, also respecting a fundamental requirement required by the municipality of Žlutice.


Objectives achieved

  • High energy saving
  • Visual comfort
  • Road safety
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduction of light pollution and negative environmental impact


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