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Avezzano city

658 Guide and 165 Venere installed in town of Avezzano
14 March 2018 Niteko

658 Guide and 165 Venere installed in town of Avezzano

The town of Avezzano has foreseen many long-term interventions in the conversion of the city’s traditional power plant through the use of renewable sources. The urban redevelopment project foresees the replacement of yellow light bulbs with new LED street lighting fixtures, 658 Guida S and 165 Venere.

In particular, the central area in front of the cathedral of San Bartolomeo, a place of worship especially important for the Martian community, has been greatly enhanced, finding new light and urban security. In addition, the town has experienced  substantial energy savings and the benefits in terms of maintenance and management costs ensured by the installation of the new plant.

Niteko products offer significant long-term benefits, representing a quality assurance of non-metallic materials and components. The non-metallic materials and components are, from a chemical point of view, fully compatible with LEDs, not releasing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that affect their performance, stability and color at a constant temperature, resulting in being “VOC FREE”.

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