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NITEKO 9-11 Ottobre 2013. Partecipazione a SMART ENERGY

Partecipazione di Niteko a SMART ENERGY
14 October 2013 Niteko

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Smart Energy Expo, the first international energy efficiency and white-green economy exhibition


It is the time and the place where the most important and innovative players in smart energy management will meet, analyze market trends and trace their lines of development.

On October 9 through 11, Veronafiere, with the technical partnership of EfficiencyKNow, presents in Verona the first international trade show on energy efficiency and white-green economy.

Smart Energy Expo takes a look at energy efficiency through the two main levers that help in achieving: waste reduction in the transformation and final consumption and the widespread production of more energy, with increasing returns, by favoring the use of sources that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Smart Energy Expo offers a wide range of opportunities for the processes and technologies for the efficient use of energy in all areas of our society: industry and transport, public administration, agriculture and cities, services sector, homes and lifestyle.


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