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Story of a project.
Architectural Lighting: Castello Aragonese | Taranto

Architectural Lighting: Castello Aragonese | Taranto. Product installed: Urano RGB
15 March 2018 Niteko

Architectural Lighting:
Castello Aragonese | Taranto.

Product installed: Urano RGB

Since the foundation of our company, we have always aimed to showing that it is possible to innovate, to develop technology,  to do business in Southern Italy as efficiently as in the more traditionally industrialised areas in the north. We have strived to set up a company that, from Apulia can export technology, innovation and culture all over the world.

We wanted to pay homage to our territory by mounting the three-coloured lighting of the Aragonese Castle in Taranto during the procession of Saint Cataldo. 7 Urano RGB lighting fixtures were designed, produced and then used precisely to enhance the historical architecture and the valuable buildings. Even though the choice of colour represents the national Italian flag and was reproduced  in agreement with the Italian Navy, our luminaries can reproduce any type of color. Our project also wanted to be a sign of positivity and redemption, a demonstration that it is possible, through attention to beauty, to enhance positive encounters and synergies.

Our company is appreciated all over Europe for its ability to combine technical know-how with artistic value, as well as to meet the needs of even the smallest of customers, combining an attention to the typical product of the best craftsmen, with the possibilities offered by the industrialization of the production process. We aim to go a long way, taking one step at the time.