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PIP Area, Galatina (LE).

Installed product: GUIDA

PIP Area, Galatina (LE). Installed product: GUIDA 

The town of Galatina (LE) has started an important redevelopment project in the industrial area of ​​the town where more than one hundred companies are based.

The local public administration has been particularly mindful of the environmental aspect and has proven to be sensitive to the upgrading process of the territory by choosing 632 Guida street lighting fixtures. They have definitely improved the street lighting of the interested area in terms of energy saving and lower maintenance costs, thus ensuring a greater safety to the practicability of the area and the companies themselves. Guida represents the ideal product for public administrations who want to invest in quality and long life as well as energy saving.
In fact, its coating is resistant to all adverse weather conditions and is able to cope with phenomena such as corrosion, abrasion, desquamation and salt mist.

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