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Lighting retrofit. Historic centre of Sirmione (BS)

Products: Urban Kit


Lighting retrofit on traditional luminaires in the historic centre of Sirmione (BS)


Urban lighting


Scaliger Castle, Sirmione


Urban Kit

Lighting retrofit. Historic centre of Sirmione (BS)

Along the Brescia shores of Lake Garda stands the Scaligero Castle of Sirmione, an ancient fortification used as a port and a strong tourist attraction today. Guarding the entrance to the castle, the docile waters of the lake are lapped by the warm lights of Urban Kit by Niteko.

The Municipality of the “pearl of the islands and peninsulas” (Catullus) chose Niteko company to retrofit its elegant traditional three-arm luminaires that precede the entrance to the Castle.

Niteko Urban Kit can be inserted into any type of luminaire and was mainly created to adapt LED lighting to the historic-cultural value lanterns of historic centres. In fact, the kit does not need any structural change of the luminaire and its installation can be carried out easily and in a short time.

Niteko Solution

After an appropriate study of the articulated mechanical adaptation system, Niteko engineers opted for the inclusion of a kit characterized by degree of protection IP66. The historical value of the original luminaires has not been altered and, thanks to the high-level lighting performance, has been possible to achieve high energy savings, a great advantage of LED lighting.

40W luminaires with 3,000K color temperature and warm white tones were used for the Sirmione project. Warm white is a widely recommended color for the lighting of historic centers, because it recreates the enchanting atmosphere of traditional lighting, improving visibility thanks to the efficiency of the LEDs and their high color rendering index (CRI= 80).

According to legend, a ghost roams the castle on stormy nights in search of the brutally murdered beloved. Perhaps, Niteko kits will not shed light on the ghost, but they will certainly contribute to enhancing the timeless beauty of those medieval walls, treasure and pride of the city of Sirmione.



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