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Lighting of a firehouse building. Lysice, Czech Republic

Products: Guida S


Lighting of a firehouse building


Lysice, Czech Republic


Guida S lighting fixtures

Lighting of a firehouse building. Lysice, Czech Republic

The medieval castle of Lysice, in Czech Republic, lost its role as a defensive fortress for a long time now. Today, the firehouse is the new “stronghold” of the town, but only in case of fires and natural disasters, and Niteko Guida S LED lighting fixtures illuminate its building.

Niteko solution

Guida S lighting fixtures are Niteko’s best-sellers for the number of installations and confirmed successes.

They are designed with a practical tool-free and quick opening system facilitating the installation, and they are ideal for urban and extra-urban roads, bridges, viaducts and underpasses lighting.

The Guida S illuminating the vermilion outline of the firehouse of this little town in the Czech Republic, are characterized by 3,000 K color temperature, asymmetric street optic and 34W effective power.

The Guida S are discreetly installed on the wall and follow each other orderly along a new perimeter signed Niteko.



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