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Pedestrian crossings

Blatná, Czech Republic. Installed products: Guida

Pedestrian crossing

Street lighting

Blatná, Czech Republic

Guida S

Blatná, Czech Republic.
Installed products: Guida

Man tries to provide nature with his own contribution of balance and precision.

Artificial light is precision that manifests itself through an urban context aiming to give citizens the greatest possible comfort, while respecting the surrounding environment.

In the cozy town of Blatná, in the historic South Bohemia (Czech Republic), our company offered its experience for the lighting of pedestrian crossings. These areas require careful study to bring both maximum efficiency and the greatest savings.

Niteko solution

Niteko made this possible thanks to the Guida S lighting fixtures with color temperature of 5,000K and power of 75W. Thanks to CRI> 70 and suitably customized optics, they conduct the light beam directly onto the pedestrian crossings, making them visible and safe.

The same project confirms our role as a reference point for street lighting in this central European state.

Niteko projects advantages:

• 60% energy saving
• Pedestrian safety
• Absence of glare for drivers
• Absence of light disturbances for the adjoining houses
• High luminous efficiency

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