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Environments such as tunnels and underpasses are potentially dangerous and at high risk, as well as being exposed to smog, humidity and high temperatures. Because of these reasons, they require adequate lighting that ensures safe and comfortable driving. A proper lighting system must therefore have impeccable technical qualities in order to meet rigid regulations and ensure a 24h/day operation.


• 20 micron anodized aluminium extrusion body

• AISI 316 stainless steel bracket with adjustable inclination

• Symmetric and asymmetric optics for counterflow

Thanks to professional lighting design and the variety of available photometric optics, Niteko offers a solution where visibility, safety and savings are at the core for this kind of application.

In fact, the R&D department has designed a robust and resistant floodlight that guarantees optimal and durable performance even in difficult environments such as tunnels, galleries and underpasses.

> Safety and reliability

> High performance and maximum efficiency

> Resistance and long life

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