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Large areas lighting

Large areas lighting

The lighting of large areas (airports, railways, service stations, parking and roundabouts) must ensure the safety and comfort of all users. Considering the size of these spaces, it is essential that operating costs are reduced as much as possible while respecting environmental pollution standards. For these reasons, a well-designed, efficient and reliable lighting system is essential.


  • Installation height up to 50 m
  • High modularity, up to 1200W
  • Optical efficiency greater than 85%


Modern Design
• Available with 13 different photometric curves
• 6 different mounting accessories

The LED floodlights designed by Niteko ensure considerable savings over the long term. In addition to the easy installation, they require little maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption by more than 60%.

Thanks to the experience and passion for quality lighting, Niteko is able to offer the best solutions in terms of reliability, safety and well-being of people.

> Efficient and reliable solutions

> Better security perception

> Wide opportunity to customize the products

Large areas installations