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The floodlights used for interior (warehouses, stands, garages, underground car parks, etc.) and architectural (facades of buildings, museums, monuments and bridges) lighting must be versatile and capable of meeting the different needs depending on the application, both in terms of quality, light intensity, brightness, resistance and reliability.


• Power up to 150W
• Light and compact
• Integrated adjustable bracket for ceiling,
wall or pole mounting


• Power up to 300W
• Available with 13 different photometric curves
• 6 different mounting accessories


• Installation height up to 50 m
• High modularity, up to 1200W
• Optical efficiency greater than 85%

Niteko Illuminazione provides a wide range of LED floodlights that fit perfectly into different contexts in compliance with current regulations. The variety of products allows one to customize each kind of environment and create a unique and peculiar style.

Every product is made of robust and durable materials, it can be supplied with numerous high precision secondary optics and allows different mounting types as needed.ità.

> Wide choice of optics and mounting types

> Custom configuration

> High resistance

Floodlight installations