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Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting is often complex and difficult to manage: being able to emphasize the façades of buildings, museums and monuments by designing an ad hoc lighting system that is both effective and at the same time fascinating and impressive to the spectator is a capability not everyone can reach.

Urano RGB

Control via universal DMX512 protocol

• Multifunctionality and adaptability

• Innovative design

Thanks to its professionalism and specialization, Niteko has designed multifunctional floodlights, whose management is extremely facilitated by the use of DMX512,  an international digital data transmission standard for controlling lighting fixtures.

In addition, thanks to its timely and intelligent design, Niteko allows one to take advantage of the different colors of the light beam, playing with lights and shadows, and adjusting intensity and direction optimally in order to ensure a distinctive and eye-catching visual result.

Architectural installations