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Industrial lighting: versatility, saving and safety

Industrial lighting: versatility, saving and safety
4 May 2023 Niteko

LED lighting is intended to completely replace fluorescent lighting fixtures. Many are its advantages: from considerable energy savings to the possibility of creating unique light effects and environments, to managing the quantity and quality of light desired. However, it is in industrial warehouses and offices, where productivity matters, that this lighting can make a great contribution.


Can you be efficient and convenient at the same time? It is one of the objectives that have to be pursued when it comes to industrial lighting systems. Whenever it becomes necessary to reconcile energy efficiency and durability, and ability to find the right level of light and investment costs.


LED and visual comfort

Why is industrial lighting so important? Let’s start with comfort. Visual comfort is not an abstract concept. Seeing with the right lighting, especially when working, is essential. It is like sleeping with a pillow that is too soft or too hard. Visual comfort makes work more pleasant and above all guarantees the right visibility. The first effect is the most important one: receiving the right lighting from your industrial lighting system means guaranteeing the productivity of those who have to work with that light. Creating a well-lit environment means creating a safe workspace.

We have summarized one of the characteristics of Niteko’s LED industrial lighting in our slogan “minimum glare for maximum performance”: we have designed industrial lights with a high anti-glare effect. Lights that guarantee the best visibility conditions even when looking towards the ceiling, for example when arranging and sorting goods on the top shelves with the forklift or reaching an object with a ladder located in the upper part of our warehouse. A further advantage is precisely linked to the fact that LED lamps are free from harmful visual emissions, such as ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation.


Versatile solutions for the industry

The LED fixtures for industrial lighting offered by Niteko have also an electrical compartment compatible with smart lighting devices: in the industrial sector, in fact, presence sensors, daytime sensors, sensors for constant lighting, and remote monitoring systems are often required. For example, warehouse environments can be huge spaces that are accessed infrequently and for a short time. In these cases, to save money, LED lighting with presence detection systems are installed so that the lights can only stay on when there are operators inside the area.

For industrial lighting, Niteko specializes in the rapid creation of highly customized lighting solutions. From the lighting of new buildings, to the energy redevelopment of existing spaces, from warehouses to sheds, whenever there is a need for reliable solutions that guarantee high-energy savings and eliminate maintenance, you can count on Niteko. Let’s think, for example, that in an industrial warehouse there is a need for artificial lighting 24 hours a day for 365 days, equal to 8,760 hours of lights per year. If we take old industrial fluorescent lamps for example, these have a useful life of around 12,000 hours and as they get older they largely lose their luminous flux, while LED lamps can last 10 times longer! The Niteko Nettuno lighting fixture  is ideal for roundabouts, sports facilities and architectural lighting, and it has a warranty of 20 year or 100,000 hours!

The preference for Niteko’s LED lighting fixtures in outdoor and indoor industrial lighting is linked not only to the low maintenance, the little heat developed and the consequent high safety, but from a structural point of view it is possible to combine these LED fixtures with any material, creating a potential and variability of applications: from sheds to commercial premises, also offering a contribution in terms of design and particular furnishing solutions. For example, the Niteko Macro solution offers various mounting possibilities: suspension, ceiling, wall or busbar.

Sustainability and safety at first place

Even for industrial lighting, you can make a choice of sustainability. In particular, LED lighting, unlike fluorescent or halogen lamps, is completely free of polluting substances. In the light bulbs that we all know, pollutants such as metal halides or sodium vapors are present, although in minimal quantities: such substances, when the light bulb is thrown away, risk dispersing into the environment. With LED lamps, disposal is easier. In short, polluting emissions connected to the light cycle can be reduced, without any sacrifice in terms of brightness or energy efficiency.

Safety is another important factor for lighting: storage warehouses are often poorly illuminated; industrial spaces are often cramped sheds with few windows and very tall structures that are difficult to illuminate. Not only. In these spaces, heat needs also to be considered. As we know, LED lighting fixtures develop much less heat than the traditional ones with the metal filament, up to 90% less. This has many indirect advantages: a LED fixture can also be handled in direct contact, reducing risks of burns and at the same time, if it were to be accidentally dispersed indoors or outdoors, the risk of causing a fire. A Niteko product also meets the safety standards of national and international energy and environmental standards.

But the advantages do not end there. Niteko technology has a strong insensitivity to humidity and vibrations, a strong installation flexibility of the lighting point, a duration not influenced by the number of switching on/off and, as we said, the possibility of using fixtures that are compatible with presence sensors in order to obtain further savings.


The economic advantages of industrial LED lighting fixtures

The low-consumption “diode with light emitting” i.e. LED industrial lighting technology has established itself both in the civil and industrial sectors. Up a few years ago, industrial warehouses were illuminated by fluorescent lamps, i.e. discharge lamps, generally tubular in shape, with noble gases, mercury vapor and fluorescent material inside: i.e. the so-called “neon”. Lamps that are dangerous and polluting and – as we said – expensive … with a LED lamp having the same rendering in terms of light, you save considerably on consumption: just think that a 30 W LED provides the same luminous flux as an over 70 W discharge one. Today, even in your company, thanks to Niteko technology it is possible to achieve a reduction in consumption of 50 – 80% compared to traditional lamps. Costs that cannot be overlooked because, in order to compete in the industry, costs must be kept under control in each process. Starting with the lighting.


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