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The photometric laboratory

Thanks to the presence of a photometric laboratory, Niteko guarantees its customers measured and reliable information regarding the luminous flux and the photometric distribution of the lighting fixtures themselves.

The goniophotometer is the main instrument of this laboratory: it is equipped with high precision probes (± 0.01 Lux), integrated with a telescopic optical system that makes the acquisition source localized, improving the precision of measurement. It has a hardware interface and a powerful management software that allow the user to capture and process measurement values through a computer, ensuring the possibility of automatically managing the handling of the structure.

Remote management allows extreme precision during the measurement phase, as it does not involve lamp handling or manual operation on the instrument. The acquired data is then stored in formats compatible with all major lighting software.

Customized lighting design

The setting up of a lighting system means creating the best conditions for comfort, efficiency and safety of the recipients of a space where visual activity is carried out employing a certain amount of artificial light in full compliance with the current regulations.

The Niteko Lighting Design Division consists of a staff of experts who, starting from the analysis of objects to be illuminated and the places where they are located, by carrying out normative, economic, energetic, environmental and aesthetic assessments, comes to determine type, number and position of the lighting fixtures to be installed in order to achieve the desired effect.

Applied lighting design software allow the user to make the necessary calculations by processing the input data and producing as result photorealistic calculations and images of the illuminated environment (3-D visual representations, Isolux lines or scattered colour representations).

Using avant-garde software

Design and virtual simulation of projects

Technical support
and Report

We provide technical support and report on the calculation of the time needed to make up for the initial investment.