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We are the Italian company specializing in the manufacture of highly customized lighting solutions in short times. We design and produce LED lighting fixtures for streets, urban spaces and large areas. Thanks to experience, expertise, innovation and lean strategy, we guide our customers in choosing the proper lighting where and when it is needed.

In 2005 we were pioneers in proposing and installing the first street lighting prototypes with power LED technology in Puglia (Italy). This study was published by our founders with the scientific article “Led-based Public Lighting System Reliability for a Reduced Impact on Environment and Energy Consumption“, presented in 2007 during the IEEE international conference in Hammamet, Tunisia.


We have always paid particular attention to the environment and ensure that every business process becomes a virtuous and environmentally friendly practice; we have chosen to work with a low environmental impact, establishing our company headquarters in a nearly zero energy building (NZEB); we use a production cycle aimed at reducing waste, energy and materials.

Here in Niteko, sustainability can be felt in every stage, from the manufacturing process to the sale.

We base each new project on the Ecodesign principle, on the efficient use of resources and materials. In this way, we intervene on product durability, repairability, possibility of updating and recyclability to reduce not only the environmental impact due to production processes, but also the amount of waste generated.



they are the foundation of our company. They constitute the heritage we continue to increase at all company levels to ensure that our performance is effective at every stage of our business.


We keep our promises and take responsibility for what we do.


we treasure internal human capital and external partnerships. We work to create an environment suitable for generating opportunities and developing the inner potential of each person.


We always remain close to the customer with different approaches according to the various needs. An indispensable feature in a rapidly evolving market.


We transform our ideas into cutting-edge lighting fixtures with ingenuity, know-how and creativity.