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Several studies and articles about lighting have shown the existence of chemical compatibility issues between LEDs and some materials used in lighting fixtures, which cause a change in light color and a loss of light intensity leading to a sharp decrease in the service life of the light source.

In particular, it was found and confirmed that, at high operating temperatures, some materials and products within the lighting fixtures (such as sealants, gaskets, etc.) release certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that  create a thin dark layer on the LED chip. This can drastically influence the LED performance, stability and color temperature.

In order to avoid such phenomena, Niteko has carried out a series of tests and chemical analysis of a minimum duration of 1000 hours at the maximum temperatures tolerated by each component: in this way, it has been proved that all the materials used for its lighting fixtures are compatible with LEDs and do not release VOC substances. Thanks to this focus on materials, Niteko is sure to offer 100% “VOC FREE” products, guaranteed over time.


This has allowed Niteko to be the world’s first manufacturer to introduce lifetime warranty for its entire range of products.